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Online Class w/Lalah Delia, This Saturday!  L…


Join me in class! This Saturday!
Class 2: Self-Care; For Taking Your Power Back

If you find yourself at times lost and unsuccessful in taking your power back in any area of your life, your reality is nothing compared to what it could be once you know how-to. Learn how-to, through the game-changing art of Self-Care!

I’ll be teaching the art online this Saturday.

Learn new high-vibe strategies for taking your power back: life, mind, body, emotional, spirit, and soul.
Join the live online class, or watch the recording.

Learn more/Sign-up:

Encouraging Quotes by Confucius

“Have no friends not equal to yourself.” – Confucius

Encouraging Quotes by the Chinese teacher & philosopher Confucius

Confucius – Media

  • “Of all that Heaven produces and nourishes, there is none so great as man.”

  • “Ceremonies are the first thing to be attended to in the practice of government.”

  • “From the loving example of one family a whole State may become loving, and from its courtesies, courteous; while from the ambition and perverseness of…

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